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You will be shown descriptions of 4 people. After reading each description, please rate the following statements according to your honest perception of the person described.

Peter is a University student. He strongly condemns bullying and often places anti-bullying posters around the campus. Recently, he witnessed several people were bullying another student, he intervened and tried to rescue the victim by fighting off the bullies. The University authorities were keen to drop the issue but Peter pushed for appropriate legal action against the bullies even though he knew this might cost him time and money to pursue. Despite knowing his actions will be applauded by his peers, he kept the whole matter silent from the student body out of consideration for the victim. When asked, Peter simply said that he strongly believes in human equality. He will often volunteer to help those more unfortunate than him no matter how difficult it may be. He would do this for people of every race, gender, and age, even if his actions go unannounced.

Please answer the following questions about Peter

Sarah is a University student. Sarah always brings a shopping bag to carry her own grocery and she cycles to and from work each day even though the distance is quite far. Despite the extra weight, she always carries a reusable cup for coffee, a refillable water bottle, and a meal box in order to live a zero-waste lifestyle. At an individual level, it is challenging to bring awareness to environmental issues. However, she actively attempts to share her beliefs and encourage her friends to take action, even though she realizes her friends feel annoyed by her efforts. Similarly, she often posts on her social media page about environmental conservation she strongly believes in. One day, her friends ask her why she needs to live this way. She replies by saying that if no one starts, there would be no change. Currently, she is the youngest member in the environmental consulting team with Green Peace and her own project is about to be launched. However, she never brags about any of this success to anyone and just keeps living her environment-friendly ways.

Please answer the following questions about Sarah

Thomas is a University student. He’s also a president of his cohort, and many people consider him to be a model student because he gets good grades and is a leading member of many clubs. However, his student committees who closely work with him frequently complain that his working behaviors contradict what he shows others. He once announced his promises about having a zero-tolerance policy on bullying. However, he only promised this because he knew this policy would be popular and it got him elected as school president. In every student council meeting, he typically agrees with whatever policy will gain him the greatest approval, rather than what he believes in. When he saw students being bullied at school he would typically ignore it rather than report the individuals and press for action. However, after seeing that the student body is greatly displeased with him, Thomas made a greater effort to appear more concerned about the bullying.

Please answer the following questions about Thomas

Lily often tells her colleagues that the environment is so important and could never tolerate seeing others do something wasteful. She often posts on social media about the dangers of climate change and how important it is to reduce plastic waste. When she carries her own straw and cup, she will post carefully posed photos on instagram to her followers showing off her using recyclable products and drawing attention to how environmentally friendly she is. She says other people should follow her example and change their habits. However, most of the time, Lily can’t actually be bothered to pack her straw and cup, and she regularly buys single use plastic cups and plastic bags. She also drives a large 4x4 because she really likes the design of the car.

Please answer the following questions about Lily